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Sooner than later
Today has seemed like one of those days where alot of stuff comes to light.
After feeling kinda shitty the last couple days, i worked for a few hours fixing my basement up, for SALE in the near future. I noticed that the house up the block that just went on the market allready SOLD and then we got a couple calls from people who are interested in possibly buying our house Its not even on the fucking market yet and allready we have multiple possible offers.
So I may be moving sooner than expected. I will at least be able to get my debut ep and some other musical endevors completed before i move. its gonna be interesting to see how things work out.
im allready finding more opprotunity in the Bay area i found out tonite that in april at a college in Oakland the one and only MUTABARUKA is teaching a revolution with words poety class FUCK YEAH
Im down that sounds fucking awesome. gee i wonder why clark dosnt offer that one?? HAHAHAHAHA so funny i forgot to LAUGH. shit portland cant even muster something like that and their light years ahead of this town then again this town has gone back in time like 20 or 30 years in just 5 years. my sympathy goes to the youth growing up here these days where is there to hang out for them. the MALL??
in other news the new skinny puppy album is expected to be out in january sometime and a new download album is the works SHIT YEAH. Well im off to do more basement work.
Ill update more new when i get more news to update


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